10 December 2006

Music machine

The company I work for arranged this big christmas party at the Cafe d'en Face in St Jerome yesterday. There was food and drink and music and good times were had by all. They also had a lottery and handed out prizes to a bunch of people. I won a basket of skin care products. Pretty nifty, there was body scrub and bath foam and body lotion and stuff. I generally don't use stuff like that at all, I put conditioner in my hair after washing it if I'm feeling luxurious, but maybe I should. Nikki tells me this goat milk stuff is really good for your skin, so I might give it a try. There was also a really cool sponge that I'm definitely going to use. It has handles on both ends and it stretches so you can scrub your own back. Good stuff, that.
After the party Nikki and I went to a pool hall in Laval and played a few games. The waitresses there were a bit distracting, all wearing ridiculously short black miniskirts and tight, black tops. Sort of skanky but revealing, and some of them were quite hot.
What? So I'm taken, not dead...

We went out for breakfast today at this place near Nikki's house. They had pretty good cappucino. I had crepes filled with banana, chocolate sauce and English cream, and with a slice of melon on the side. Pretty good, though very sweet. I don't quite get North American crepes, though. They don't taste like anything, just flour. I like crepes that taste a bit like eggs or butter, sugar or even salt, but all the pancakes and crepes I've had so far on this side of the atlantic all taste mostly like wheat flour. They seem to go for taste only in whatever is on them, not the crepes themselves. Weird. But hey, when in Rome...

I bought a portastudio on ebay a few days ago, it was a really good deal for the kind of machine I got. I can't wait to get it... Whee! I just need a good microphone and then I can start recording the songs I've written so far and make a cd. I recorded a bunch of stuff on my computer back home, but it just doesn't work on my laptop here. The sound quality really sucks for vocals. There's too much background noise on the line, like if the hum and noise from the harddrive and the fan was wired to the line in. I've never seen that in any other computer I've used for music, it's just bad.

I've also started working on an all new website for myself. I'm not so happy with my current one anymore, as it only presents what I do with classical music, which is probably the kind of music I do the least right now. But that project is not going to take off for real until I've gotten some recording done. But it'll be cool... :)

01 December 2006


I'm feeling (more or less) human again. The antibiotics worked and my throat is back to normal.
I went climbing a couple of times too already, which was lots of fun. The first time went really well, considering I hadn't gone for almost three weeks. Maybe I should stop more often? It went better than before I got sick... The second time went just as well. I did pretty good on two 5.9 trails, though I didn't quite get them in one try yet. Next time they shall tremble before my feet... Mwuahahahaa!

I went to play pool with Nikki at the La Cachet bar in Sainte-Adele the other day. It was nice, we were playing and having a good time, when this local dude, a guy of around 60 and quite obviously drunk off his ass, started talking to us. He had some interesting opinions about stuff... This was during our first game and Nikki was leading. He told me that Nikki seemed to be pretty good at pool. I agreed. Then he said:

"But you... You're really not very good at this, are you?"

After this he proceeded to tell me that it was a man's job to always win at pool against a woman, and that me losing against Nikki would be somehow embarrassing. He and his drunken buddy were also quite flabbergasted by the fact that I was originally from Sweden and spent quite a while questioning Nikki about it. "Where did you find that guy?", "What's with you being with a guy like that?" etc. So yeah... Apparently Swedish people who suck at pool are not so popular amongst the local drunkards of Sainte-Adele. But the rest of the evening turned out to be quite amusing in my opinion, because none of them said a single word after I won all four games we played. Hee hee... :)

It's raining ice here today. Quite interesting, it's not like snow or rain, but rather clear droplets of solid ice falling from the sky. I kinda wish I had had a hat with a large brim on the way home from work. I feel like somebody whipped me over the face with twigs. I was supposed to catch a ride with Antoine to Montreal tonight to see Nikki, but with the icy weather, we canceled the trip. Instead, Nikki is driving up here. She's got balls... It might take her a while to get here though, I very thoroughly told her multiple times to drive reeeaaaalllllyyyyyy slowly. I don't care if it takes her hours. I'd rather have her late and in one piece, than on time but scattered all over the side of the road.

There's a party in town tonight. One of the Italian testers is leaving and is having a goodbye party. I'm considering going. Hmm...