24 April 2007

Breaking brakes

Our car is starting to fall apart a lot faster than we had anticipated. Sure, it was pretty much a pile of junk when we bough it, but it looked like it would hold up for a while yet. Last week, the brakes finally gave up completely. We were driving around in central Montreal when we noticed that we barely had any brakes at all. Flooring the pedal as far as it would go barely made the car slow down, it was spitting out brake fluid all over the place. So we very cautiously drove the car to Nikki's father's place, where our roommate Kenneth (who is a mechanic) worked on it along with Nikki's dad and uncle. Soon after taking some parts apart, we noticed that the car is in far worse shape than we thought. The rear suspension is basically being held together by a metal bar that's all but rusted through, and the frame is cracked almost all the way through in the back. Driving too fast into a hard bump at this point is probably going to make the rear suspension and the entire wheel just fall off the car completely. The front wheels are also completely shot, they wiggle back and forth on their fittings and will probably come off on their own in not too long too. Oh, and none of the belts actually lock if you yank them fast. They come all the way out and only stop when the roll runs out of belt, by which time you would already be halfway through the window.

So yeah. We need a new car as fast as we can possibly find one. This one is not much more than a deathtrap on wheels.

19 April 2007


Aaah, so we finally have wireless internet at home again. Our router sort of just gave up on us some time ago. We still had internet if we plugged in with a cable directly into the modem, but with four people wanting to user the net every now and then, it's been a bit of an inconveniance. Nikki get her router from her house in Laval, so now we're using that. We don't have the key for it yet, so for now only her and my computers can connect wirelessly, but as soon as we stop by there to get the papers we'll all be able to connect. Until then, the cable still works too.

We went to Walmart yesterday and picked up some stuff, I bought myself a hair trimmer. Looks pretty cool, all kinds of comb attachments, hair clips, scissors and stuff, all for the humble price of 20 dollars. Not bad, if it works like it's supposed to. I haven't tried it yet.

We also have a new housemate. His name is Premise T. Cat, and he's almost five years old. He's white with black specks and acts more like a dog than a cat. We brought him here yesterday from he cat-sitter who's been taking care of him for the past two months. We were expecting him to be kinda weirded out about being in a new place, but he seemed pretty at home right away. He explored the place, had some food, then flopped over on his side on the middle of the floor to watch TV.